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JBQ – Live @ The Milton RoomsClick here for more from this gig.


Live in New Orleans! – British Airways VIP Trip for Mardi Gras


“Un-thinking jazz” by The Jamie Brownfield Quartet @ Manchester Jazz Festival 2016 – Presented by Jazz North

Live on BBC Shropshire with Colin Young  on his lunchtime show

The Flying Scotsman Live BBC News coverage – 2016
Flying Scotsman Documentary 2016 – Footage taken from BBC iPlayer website courtesy of Roger Keech

British Airways VIP Trip to New Orleans – with Jon Cleary, Yolanda Brown & Nicole Scherzinger

Tom Seals, Fat Pigeon Live!

The Brownfield Byrne Hot Six

Puttin’ on the Ritz  – Jamie & Tom Kincaid’s funky New Orleans version recorded at Bar 5 Jazz Club, Derby.

Ginger Tunes, Liverpool Jazz Festival 2016 – “Doris from Noris” – Mike Smith

Jabbo Smith – Whitley Bay Festival 2017